New art installation focuses on immigration

Sarah Fader and Paige Crawley

The new art installation in the cage at the top of the third-floor stairwell takes inspiration from today’s headlines.

Senior Brandi Marsch created the installation, which focuses on immigration. She was inspired by the Global Minds Club and television shows she has seen on the topic.

“I watched Viceland a lot and they do documentaries on this all the time,” Marsch said.

Even though she had some prior knowledge on immigration issues, during her research she learned much more than she had anticipated.

“I feel like most people just aren’t educated enough about this,” Marsch said. “Even learning about it myself, I didn’t know most of these problems were going on.”

This research led her to include minor yet key details like green cards that are taped outside of the cage and flowers that are hanging above. The flowers symbolize those who died trying to cross the border, whereas the green cards show who successfully crossed.

“It’s kind of like a funeral. There are unidentified bodies that they try to return to families,” Marsch said.

Art teacher Cheryl Foote has taught Marsch since she was a freshman and oversaw the project.

“I think it’s shown tremendous growth for her,” Foote said.

Foote said Marsch’s installation has come at a good time, since this is a hot topic to discuss.

“It begins a conversation and that’s why it’s relevant to students,” Foote said.

Marsch plans on keeping the installation up for about two weeks.