Gray, Haverty win Steel Center’s Top of the Shop Award


Junior Rhiannon Haverty (left) and senior Hannah Gray (right).

Devon Schroeder and Areanna Bivens

Senior Hannah Gray and junior Rhiannon Haverty have been selected as winners of Steel Center’s Top of the Shop Award for the first semester.

This award recognizes the top student in each trade for each semester. Gray was chosen for her work in the advertising and design program.

“I was really surprised and excited when I learned I won,” Gray said.

Gray said she appreciates her work with the program and thinks it is a good opportunity to be a part of something that provides information on a specific career.

“I think Steel Center is a really great learning experience if you know which career you want,” Gray said.

She has been attending this program for three years, and plans to pursue a career as an artist in advertising upon graduation.

Haverty was recognized for her accomplishments in the culinary arts program. She is a first-year Steel Center student and said she expected the more experienced students to win.

“I was very surprised because I thought some of the other kids in higher grade levels were going to get it, but I was honored,” Haverty said.

Haverty plans to be a chef, a restaurant entrepreneur, or a food truck operator in the future. She said Steel Center helps her greatly in learning about the career she seeks.

“I think it prepares you a lot because we’re learning a lot of stuff that I couldn’t do just at the high school. They teach you things you would actually need in real life,” Haverty said.

Gray agreed, elaborating on the difference in class times.

“At Steel Center we have one class, but it lasts for three normal 45-minutes periods. So we can learn a lot more than we would be able to in just a 45-minute period,” Gray said.