What to Watch: The Good Doctor


Rebecca Case, Feature Editor

Anyone looking for a new show to watch that features complex characters and that never fails to leave the audience wanting more should look no further than The Good Doctor. The show, which began its first season on ABC this fall, follows the life of Shaun Murphy, a surgical resident at a hospital in San Jose who has autism. In addition to Murphy’s life as a surgical resident, the show also depicts his life at home, with flashbacks to his childhood. The show also explores the lives of other surgical residents and doctors as they deal with their own dilemmas and problems that come with being a surgeon or just life in general. The show is a good way for viewers to learn more about people with autism and it helps them become more understanding and accepting. The characters are likeable and sure to capture viewers’ hearts. The Good Doctor is entertaining, blending the perfect amount of comedy into the drama so that viewers are always eager to watch the next episode.