Club continues original product


Mandi Bruni, Designer

Last year the student-run bwINK company decided to make a jump from selling products it had bought elsewhere to manufacturing its own products at school.
The bwINK Club is part of a national Junior Achievement group that teaches students about business and entrepreneurship, and the Western Pennsylvania branch assists the bwINK students.
The club last year made handcrafted picture frames from wood with foam backing and a glass cover. They even offered to laser engrave the frames, or add “Class of 2017” on the bottom of frames for seniors graduating that year.
Although the product didn’t sell as well as items sold in previous years, club members were able to prove that they could make their money back from making their own products.
This year, the student-run company is hoping to bring back an earlier product, the phone wallets, with a new twist. They’re hoping to involve the community by advertising for small businesses on the wallets in exchange for a small discount for those who show proof of the purchase from bwINK.
The phone wallet sticks to the back of any size phone and has a compartment for money, credit cards, or a driver’s license.
“I feel like these were a big hit and we’ll definitely be able to branch out to more consumers and help spread the word about bwINK,” senior Antoine Mosley said.
In previous years the club estimated a revenue of more than $2,000. After all costs are covered, any remaining profit goes to bwINK for future projects.
However, the club’s numbers are down this year. Current club members are hoping to welcome new members and pass on their business experience.
“We hope that in the next school year, or this one, we get more members to make this business plan come to reality,” senior Josh Barone said.
The club is looking for new members passionate about the business world and any hard-working students who give their all to bring the spirit of business to the community.
“JA Company is fun and a learning experience. It helps people understand business and real-world business experiences,” Mosley said.
The club members are excited for this year and believe their professionalism has helped them to sell and market their products and in turn they hope to continue with successful profits within this school year.