Cold weather brings layers


Photo by Zoe Vongtau

Zoe Vongtau, News Editor

These days, it seems as though fashion trends have become more accessible. Whether it’s the work of inexpensive stores copying runway looks, or the approriation of street and lounge wear by high-end brands, more people are following the trends.
Asking any high school student on social media what the major trends of late 2017 were would yield similar answers: checkered patterns, the colors red and yellow, camouflage, denim, and embroidery.
The trends this year were predictable, but the groups they reached were not. Style trends like camouflage and bright colors were so influential that even students and celebrities were rocking them equally.
“What I thought was a huge trend this year was being comfortable and looking cute. That’s why I think a lot of things like cropped hoodies were really popular,” senior Tijana Mrkalj explained.
Mrkalj said that this season she has focused on an equal balance of comfort and versatility in all of her outfits.
“My personal style definitely reflects who I am, my personality and how versatile I am. This time of year, I could come to school wearing a hoodie and leggings or show out in a dress and tights. I always need variance,” Mrkalj said.
These pieces were not without inspiration. Music, movements, and film inspired the masses.
Several albums released in 2017 sparked colorful, miscellaneous style choices in listeners; once angsty, aggressive fans of Tyler, The Creator who wore dark clothing and crosses were dressing in bright striped whimsical shirts, shoes and pants.
Other students in Baldwin were not necessarily a part of the demographic that embraced such trends, but rocked casual staples all season.
In terms of fashion, senior Jimmy Wodarek’s winter season was like years past, filled with cuffed jeans and snazzy shoes.
“My go-to winter fashion item is a pair of boots, like Chukka boots, not work boots but fashion wear boots,” Wodarek said.
Students who feel as if they have good fashion know that proper winter style comes with preparation.
“The key is that your closet needs to be organized. If it’s organized, you just pick (an outfit) out and you’re good to go,” senior Vishal Kharel said.
The winter season can be brutal, but having basic staple pieces, including accessories like necklaces and watches, can transform any outfit and subsequently, any disposition.
“When you’re looking good, that means you automatically feel more confident, and when you feel more confident you automatically perform well,” Kharel said.