Inline hockey looks to roll


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative license

Baldwin’s inline hockey team remains undefeated as they won their last game.

Devon Schroeder, Staff Writer

Some younger players are helping fuel a strong season for Baldwin’s inline hockey team.
The team got off to a great start, with a record of 8-1-1 to open the season.

“This year we have a younger team, but we have really strong juniors. Nathan Hobson and Andrew Golvash have scored a lot of big goals for us, some overtime game-winners,” senior goalie Noah Knerr said.

Golvash said one key is to focus mentally.

¨My philosophy personally is taking the game one shift at a time, giving it my all, and accepting bad shifts by not becoming negative and just keep playing the game,¨ Golvash said.

The multiple underclassmen also help maintain the team’s positivity.

“They’re a lot of fun. They play well and they’re entertaining. I’m really glad they’re around,” senior Gary Lowman said.

Golvash said the team’s chemistry was immediately noticeable.

¨This team has honestly clicked the day we formed the group. The guys previously on the team have done a great job of integrating all the new guys into the system, for the benefit of the team.¨ Golvash said.

Boosting the team’s strong start, Hobson and senior Joey Starr have been among the leaders in the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Roller Hockey League for points.

The Highlanders already have earned an overtime victory against a major rival, Bethel Park.
Bethel “was up 3-1, but we kept putting in the effort and we ended up coming back and winning 4-3,” Lowman said.

In a recent win against North Hills, Baldwin started out strong with a two-goal lead in the first period, but the game became tied in the second period.

¨We had to fight off a few penalties, but eventually we were able to regain the lead and pull away for a 4-2 win,” Hobson said.

The regular season will end in mid-February, but Baldwin is expected to make playoffs and possibly make a run for the championship. The team is confident in their ability to make it.

“Being that we are currently tied for first in our division, I’m pretty confident that we will have a lengthy playoff run and hopefully make it to finals,” Hobson said.

Other players agree, but still aim to keep an air of caution.

¨Playoffs are certainly in our minds but we still plan to take every game until then very seriously and think about playoffs when the time comes, ¨ Golvash said.