Arie’s season has its ups and downs

Arie's season has its ups and downs

Avery Greenaway, Web Editor

Saying Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season has been interesting would be an understatement. Of course, there are women who leave viewers agitated, but the presence of independent, confident, and self-assured women make the show worthwhile.

Arie, like many bachelors before him, has been a contestant on The Bachelorette before, so he should know from experience on the other side of the aisle what type of girls to keep on and kick off. That doesn’t stop him from following the age-old tradition of keeping what have to be some of the country’s most annoying, manipulative, and immature women.

For starters, there’s the obvious predicament of hated Krystal. Krystal was one of Arie’s first individual dates, and her introduction to America came along with an admittedly devastating story about her brother.

Still, there is no excuse for the way Krystal has been acting. She continuously brags about her date with Arie when it happened two weeks ago, and she acts condescending towards other women who haven’t had a chance to make as close of a relationship with Arie yet.

On top of that, she seems to have convinced herself that she’s the only woman Arie is interested in. It’s as if she’s shocked that other women are present when she signed up to be on The Bachelor. She also complained that the other women in the house are too immature for her, showing that she has very little self-awareness.

The worst part about Krystal is that Arie almost kicked her off last week. She somehow managed to receive the last rose because she conned Arie into talking to her privately before the rose ceremony.

Another unfortunate contestant is Chelsea. Chelsea’s overly ambitious and competitive nature is sure to be the new source of drama among the women once Krystal is sent home. On the very first night when she earned the first impression rose from Arie, Chelsea’s aggressive mentality made a very different first impression on America. However, her personality has taken a backseat to Krystal’s obnoxious nature.

Even though there are women who annoy audiences, there is also a good supply of wholesome, admirable, and relatable women.

For example, Seinne graduated from Yale and is very worldly. She has intelligent conversations with Arie that make the episodes not just about all of the Krystal drama.

Tia has stood up for herself and other women, and has an easy time making friends because she’s so positive.

Bekkah, although young, brings a fresh, adventurous perspective. Bekkah challenges Arie — she isn’t like the other women who just agree with everything he says. And it’s actually a testament to Arie’s character that he doesn’t mind some criticism and hasn’t just sent Bekkah home in pursuit of a woman who worships at his feet.

Even though some of Arie’s candidates are despicable, there are women who redeem them and make the show bearable.

All America has to do now is hope that one of the good ones wins the Holy Grail, the coveted heart of Arie.