Brockhampton shows growth through trilogy


Taylor Donahue, Photo Editor

Rap “boy band” Brockhampton finished 2017 doing something no other artist or group has done before: The group released a trilogy of albums last year as part of their Saturation project, the last being Saturation III.

Saturation III brings together the sounds of the previous projects, again with features from every member that talk about topics they find important and are passionate about.

The growth of the group is obvious on this final album of the trilogy, introducing better sounds and production, but still continuing with their creativity to create a finished product that could be considered the best of the three. The theme of Saturation III seems to be that of self-confidence and making something with the help of the creativity and individuality found within the group, ideas that can be found on the songs “Stains,”  “Alaska,” and “Boogie.”

On “Boogie,” Kevin Abstract states: “I’ve been beat up my whole life / I’ve been shot down, kicked out twice / Ain’t no stopping me tonight / I’ma get all the things I like,” and the group claims to be the “best boy band since One Direction.”

Being the single of the album, it is a perfect glimpse of how the Brockhampton members view their success and what may come to them in the future. The collaboration of all of the members, who are equally creative and talented, is best displayed on III.

“Johnny” features most members going back and forth between verses that brings diversity, yet it all comes together effortlessly. This collaboration is even more visible on “Liquid,” where the members are finishing each others verses.

The trilogy wraps up with some symbolism in the song titles. On Saturation all song titles are four letters long while the closing song has five, while on Saturation II all songs titles have five letters while the closing song has six. On III, all song titles have six letters while the closing song has four, which goes back to Saturation to complete the cohesiveness of the trilogy.