12 (School) Days of Christmas: Giving gifts or gift cards?

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12 (School) Days of Christmas: Giving gifts or gift cards?

Anamarie Martinez, News Editor

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Opening up a present can be exciting unless it is not what you were expecting, and this problem has been resolved in recent years with the giving of gift cards.

To some people gift cards seem impersonal, but giving a gift card is actually easier than looking for a present to buy. It ends up being more convenient for both the buyer and the receiver.

When people receive gift cards they have the ability to buy what they want without using their own money, and because they are not using their own money, they can buy things that they would not normally buy themselves.

They get to choose what they want to get rather than being surprised with something that they might not like.

Searching for a present can be stressful because some people are hard to shop for and you cannot be sure that the person will like it. Gift cards relieve that stress because the person is guaranteed to like what they get.

Gift cards eliminate the amount of things that people need to return after the holidays. Usually people need to return a gift because of sizing issues or because they wanted something else. When using a gift card, people can choose whatever they want, and they can try it on before buying it. They also prevent meaningless gifts that will never be used.

Also buying a gift card at Giant Eagle can give fuel perks. So you can actually save money when buying a gift for others. Purchasing a gift card tends to save the shopper more time. The buyer does not need to search the store to find something to buy; they can simply buy the gift card and get on with their day.

Gift cards have become more popular over the last few years, and they are now available for almost any store. Even small businesses and restaurants offer gift cards for sale.

Gift cards are a perfect gift for any occasion, and they elevate the much-dreaded holiday shopping.