Paynter Elementary teams up with Special Olympics

Paynter Elementary teams up with Special Olympics

Cassie Snyder, Club Member

Students at Paynter Elementary know that the holidays are a time of giving, and as a result the high school’s Special Olympics Club has received a kind gift.

Paynter special education teacher Sara Fiorill and paraprofessional Carrie Martin came up with the idea for the kids to make hand-painted wrapping paper to sell to the students around the school to raise money. They raised $280.

“I was trying to think of a way to teach my students the true meaning of the holidays and what it means to give back,” Fiorill said. “We decided to donate the money we raised to a club near and dear to our hearts — the Special Olympics Club. … Many of our students will have the opportunity to participate in this year’s Special Olympics, as well as we wanted to support all the awesome things the club does.”

Tim Laughlin, co-sponsor of the Special Olympics Club, said he was grateful for and honored by the gift.

“It was such a surprise that they did this,” Laughlin said.

To continue the season of giving, the Special Olympics Club is planning to use the donation to buy a gift for the Paynter kids.

“This is what the club and this season is all about, so we decided to give what they gave us back to them for something they can utilize,” Laughlin said.

The club has not decided exactly what to buy with the money, but it will be something the Paynter kids will appreciate and be able to use, Laughlin said.