12 (School) Days of Christmas: Ugly sweaters becoming trendy


Photo via Flickr under Creative Commons license.

Michaela Cavataio, Features Editor

Only a decade ago, the only people seen wearing the now famous “ugly Christmas sweaters” were old great aunts with no fashion sense or social studies teachers trying to get their students in the Christmas mood.

However, within just a few years, the flashy and hideous tops which were once the cause of dumbfounded stares and cringing expressions have now become a fashion symbol of the season.

These sweaters used to only be found by the lucky shoppers who looked deep in the racks at a thrift shop. Now, almost every department store lays out a large variety of different ugly sweaters with the rest of their holiday attire and are able to make money off of the many purchases of the sweaters.

There is also a large array of people who are wearing the tops. People of all ages want a chance to show off who has the most fashionably hideous sweater.

Many of the sweaters used to come simply in flamboyant colors with tinsel or buttons sewn on the sleeves or down the front. Within the last few years, stores have increased their attention to the designs of the sweaters, giving them different patterns related to pop culture or clever puns.

The ugly sweater rave has also led to ugly sweater theme parties, in which everyone comes dressed in the most ridiculous ugly Christmas sweater they can find.

Whether Christmas sweaters are people’s favorite thing or not, there seems to be an overall new appreciation of the tops. Everyone is excited to show off their sweaters to the family or friends they will be seeing at their holiday parties.