Drewery has rap song played on radio station WAMO


Zoe Vongtau and Taylor Donahue

Every kid who’s ever lip-synced to songs in the mirror has also dreamed of having their talents being heard and produced professionally.

Rapper and senior Andre Drewery’s dreams came true Monday night as a part of local radio station WAMO 100’s late-night segment featuring local artists.

Drewery, who uses the rap name Duce Dre, had his song “I Know” played on WAMO as part of a segment on local artists titled “Future Flavaz.”

About two weeks ago, Drewery performed at the Shyne Awards, a Pittsburgh awards show, where he caught the attention of WAMO host Nigel McDaniel.

McDaniel later messaged Drewery to ask about his music and to introduce him to the “Future Flavaz” segment.

The show asks local rap artists to submit three-minute radio edits of their songs, for a chance to be featured on the late-night segment.

“I felt like I was accomplishing something big, like I was really doing something,” Drewery said. “I thought it was all for nothing and now I feel like I’m doing something.”

Drewery has music on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube and hopes to release songs on Apple and Spotify in the near future.

On his SoundCloud profile, Duce Dre, he has his featured song “I Know” and many other releases.

“I just hope I can get more radio time, shows, and get more connections through my music,” Drewery said.