Special Olympics hosts speedball tournament


Mandi Bruni and Arlen Hooks

The Special Olympics Club is hosting its first annual speedball tournament next Thursday, Dec. 14, in the main and small gyms from 3 to 5 p.m.

Speedball resembles soccer, except it is played in a gym and players can use their hands as well as their feet, and head.

All students are encouraged to join regardless of being in the Special Olympics Club or not.

“I’m really excited for the speedball tournament because we’ve never had something like this and it’s been awhile since I’ve played speedball in PE,” senior Damian Pfaff said.

There will be no brackets; the tournament will be single-elimination games only.  A minimum of five people per team are required including a goalie.  Teams are allowed one extra reserve player on the roster. Registration fee is $20 per team. 

“This is going to be our first annual speedball tournament and if all goes well and we get a good turnout, I’m sure it’ll continue in future years,” Special Olympics Club sponsor Tim Laughlin said.  

All of the proceeds and money made will go towards supplying more adaptive bikes for the Special Olympics athletes. Special prizes will also be given out to the winning team.

All registration forms and money are to be handed in to Laughlin by the end of this week.