Baldwin celebrates its bus drivers

Zoe Vongtau and Jarrod Chermely

Safely driving loud and sometimes rambunctious teens, tweens, and young children between their homes and school each day is no easy task.

On Friday morning at the high school, students made sure the district’s bus drivers got a well-deserved “thank you.”

The bus drivers were met with doughnuts and a sign from students showing their appreciation as the buses pulled in.

The Activities Council brainstormed the idea before Thanksgiving break and led the event that council members hope will become an annual tradition.

“A lot of people don’t think about bus drivers, and they get us to school and home safely,” freshman Lexi Kilburn said.

“We made the sign Wednesday during lunch and made thank you cards and came to school at 7 today to set up and hand them out,” Kilburn said.

The drivers did not know about the event in advance, but appreciated the support from students.

“I was very surprised and I thought it was extremely nice,” bus driver Robyn Carlin said. She said she plans to thank everyone as they get on their bus this afternoon.