Opinion: Trump’s elephant reversal exemplifies moral deficiency


Avery Greenaway, Web Editor

The American public knows that President Donald Trump dislikes plenty of things: Hillary Clinton, the “fake news” media, Rosie O’Donnell, and much more. Innocent African elephants, however, are now added to the list.

On Wednesday, the Trump administration announced that it planned to reverse President Obama’s executive order banning hunters from importing “trophies” of elephants they kill in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The order was put in place to discourage the killing of the endangered, beloved species: Many who harm these animals only do so to show off their “prize” at home. Removing that ability could deter some from hunting in the first place.

One can only assume that this somewhat random decision by the Trump administration has something to do with his sons’ affinity for slaughtering safari animals. With a quick Google search, any American can find several pictures of both Donald Jr. and Eric Trump posing with the animals they’ve killed.

The mere possibility that Trump would place the lives of innocent animals in danger for the entertainment of his family is appalling.

Although assuming a family link might seem to be a bit of a stretch, the Trump administration has yet to give any alternative rationale for this decision. The American public is left to guess about Trump’s strategies yet again. What, exactly, does our president have against elephants?

Regardless, this action by Trump is yet another example of his predictable, tasteless anti-Obama rhetoric. Trump seems to just oppose anything Obama stands for or did during his time in office. Not only is this repeal disgusting and unethical, it is a blatant example of Trump’s uninspired creed.

Most offensive though, is the reversal in itself. With both the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and this decision, Trump has proven that he shows absolutely no sympathy to the planet Earth whatsoever. Not only does he reject the obvious predicament of pollution, but animal extinction does not bother him either.

All of this does not simply add up to another example of Trump’s ignorance, though. It also means more animals will suffer due to American apathy.

American citizens need to take a stand and make their position clear: This reversal is ethically improper.

Since the country is equipped with a morally deficient president, it’s up to people to take a stand for the voiceless elephants.