Do You Remember?: A staff member takes a look back at a key memory


Airman 1st Class Hailey R. Davis

Photo via Kadena Air Base under Creative Commons license.

Zoe Vongtau, News Editor

From the music and the clothing, straight to the cheesy music, the culture of middle schools dances always created an unforgettable event.  Many may remember the excitement of buying a ticket for a night of what students used to consider quality fun, entertainment and socialization.

The first step in prepping for the important night would be finding the most exciting group of people to carpool to the school, to maximize the pregame fun. At the actual dance, the combination of the disco balls and neon lights would make the wooden floors feel like red carpet scenes.

The absolute most important part of the night proved to be the action and circles on the dance floor, where people of all cliques had to opportunity to bond over the sweet sounds of LMFAO and Usher.

At the end of the night when the lights turned off, the music shut off and girls rushed to find their shoes, there was a consensus that the night would live on in our memories.