Simple styles bounce back


Avery Greenaway, Web Editor

Trends making their way into fall fashion this year include some ‘90’s comebacks, twists on typical styles, and some undeniable reversals of last year’s looks.

One way the ‘90s influence today’s style is with some classic shoes. One popular statement comeback shoe is colorful Adidas. Adidas add a chic, athletic twist to any outfit. The many colors to choose from are enticing because it’s empowering to have a shoe that looks one-of-a-kind. Others include Doc Martens and Birkenstocks. The simple styles, which contribute to the versatility and quality of the shoes, attract students.

“My Doc Martens are comfortable and a good shoe. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had them for awhile and they’re all beat up; they’re still adorable. Plus, they’re waterproof,” junior Grace DeLallo said.

Tracksuits, although only one piece at a time, are back as well. In the ‘90s, there was no shame in wearing both pieces. Now, the pants make an outfit pop, or the jacket can be used to accessorize, but few are bold enough to pull off both pieces at once.

Still, there are some new-and-upcoming trends that are this generation’s own. For example, jeans, although stylish, are losing their popularity to comfier selections. Printed wide-legged trousers or joggers are a superior way to spice up an outfit. Patterns include vertical stripes, checkerboard, and even previously “fashion don’t” camouflage. Leggings with mesh backings and classy prints are another way to make a look anything but typical. Pair these pants with a solid color shirt for a comfy outfit that miraculously is simultaneously dressy.

“I like the trend in pants this fall because they’re really flattering. They’re also comfortable and there are lots of styles to pick from,” junior Sarah Burry said.

Shirts are not being left out of the “simple twist” trend, either. Shirts, although admittedly mainly solid in color so not to clash with statement pants, feature one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder silhouettes.
If a shirt is not solid, it likely has dark flower elements. Flower print and embellishment came back last year, but stores have been stressing darker versions to stretch the trend past spring.

Noticeable from last year is the change in lipwear. Last year, matte lips were all the rage. Even so, those who sported the trend realized that flaunting matte all day dried their lips out. In retaliation, more prevalent this year are creamier lips and even gloss, which achieve a different look altogether.

“A glossy lip adds to the dewier, glowy look people are going for. It gives an angelic feel,” DeLallo said.

Another difference from last year’s fashion is color. Jewel tones are back. Jewel tones look great on any skin tone, unlike the yellows and greens and even the pastels of last fall. The universally flattering palette has many relieved after the problematic shades of last year.