Politics impossible to escape, even on TV


photo via Prevue under Creative Commons license.

Jessica Abt, Club Member

Television fans may remember the hilarious old sitcoms I Love Lucy and Friends, but it seems like the TV industry is now taking a turn towards more political-based shows.

Remember the days when TV shows were more of an escape from the outside stressors and everyone always knew they would get a good laugh? Yeah, well those days are gone. Now viewers are forced to endure the same political stressors in their lives through TV, while producers try to mask the seriousness of the issue with short bursts of comedy.

Sitcoms used to be centered around family comedies or single adults trying to find love, such as Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Seinfeld. Meanwhile drama shows always occurred in the police station, court room, or hospital, including such examples as Law and Order, ER, and Chicago Hope. Now, the comedies and dramas revolve around the White House.

Shows like Veep, a comical political satire, House of Cards, a political thriller adaptation of a BBC series, and Designated Survivor, another political drama, are perfect examples of comedy and drama on in Washington. Within the past few years these types of shows have jumped to the top of the charts.

It is unclear whether or not this is due to how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ran their entire campaigns over Twitter, so that the political life was forced into the forefront of people’s minds. But it is undeniable that politics have a more prominent role in people’s lives.

It is not that TV shows have never had political themes in them. It’s just that these types of shows are gaining more popularity and attention.

It is important to acknowledge that these shows are actually really good. But it would be much better for viewers’ stress level if the politics could be left behind and viewers could immerse themselves into the world of comedy.