Opinion: New style of play leads to more NBA injuries

Opinion: New style of play leads to more NBA injuries

Mason Hurley, Club Member

The NBA has shown a recent increase in the number of injuries among players on all 30 teams.

Some of these injuries are just gruesome, with a good example being Gordon Hayward’s dislocated ankle and broken tibia on opening night versus the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This is only part of the huge increase in injured players in the NBA. But why are there so many more injuries now? Many people will blame it on the more aggressive style of play, and the more fast-paced stress on a player’s body.

Others will blame it on the fact that these players are playing the game at much younger ages, meaning they are putting a lot of stress on the same joints and ligaments for years and years at a time.

The recent trend has affected other big names, such as new Cavalier Dwyane Wade and Houston Rocket Chris Paul, but it is also taking out many other less famous players.

This issue is really something that should be expected in every sport, as they are all being played at a much faster pace and more advanced style than ever before.

In the basketball world, players are getting faster, jumping higher, and landing harder. This comes from the social media age, and young players are coming up with new acrobatic moves, such as the “jelly” layup, and these moves are being used by pros as well as young kids who aspire to be the best.

This new era is definitely fun to watch, but it comes with a price. All sports are evolving, and players are getting more and more skilled, so when does it become a risk to the player’s health?

Some could argue that is happening right now. But there are always health risks involved with sports, so the NBA should continue to evolve, and get more competitive for years to come.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license.