Former addicts share their stories in drug awareness presentation

Natalie Zgurich, Sports Editor

Baldwin students heard first-hand today about how drug addiction can overtake a person’s life.

As part of Red Ribbon Week, students heard presentations in the auditorium from three former addicts who work with Narcotics Anonymous.

Afterward, students said their stories made an impact.

Freshman Lexi Bernotas said this was a good way to get the message across to students because of the personal stories. Junior Hali D’Uva said drug abuse is so widespread that it cannot be ignored by anyone.

“Drugs are a huge problem in times today, so it is important we are aware of their effects,” D’Uva said.

The Narcotics Anonymous group helps people all over the United States. In their presentations today, the speakers said they recomend this group to anyone struggling with substance abuse issues.

“It is good to know if (people) get caught in a dark place, they have somewhere to turn to,” sophomore Jaiman White said.