Scarehouse lives up to its reputation

Morgan Ott, Video Editor

Scarehouse in Millvale is supposed to be one of the scarier haunted houses in Pennsylvania, and it most definitely lives up to that reputation.

At this haunted attraction, customers are bound to find actors with incredibly realistic, gruesome makeup. This is part of what makes the journey through the different rooms feel so real.

There are three different haunts that visitors venture through.

First, there is the “Sunset Lodge,” which is a hotel occupied by serial killers who are constantly putting themselves in visitors’ faces, which is more unsettling than it is scary.

From there, visitors continue on to the “Infernal” stage, where there is a collection of cursed artifacts and a legion of demons that closely follow visitors and provide many typical jump scares.

To end the spine-chilling excursion, groups make their way through “Nocturnia,” the 3-D twisted carnival of clowns and creatures, where there are way more clowns than expected who happen to be creepier looking than Pennywise.

Another activity that guests only 18 and older can participate in is The Basement, where actors are allowed to touch visitors because a waiver is signed before entering.

Overall, any fans of haunted houses during the fall season will be pleased with the level of eeriness provided by the three haunts at Scarehouse.