Taylor Swift’s new single looks anything but gorgeous

Taylor Swift's new single looks anything but gorgeous

Paige Crawley, Photo Editor

Taylor Swift’s latest single, “Gorgeous,” released off her new album “Reputation,” comes as a disappointment.

Swift, known for her personal narratives in her songwriting, allows simple rhymes and a cliche story line to take charge in this single. Besides a catchy refrain, there is a major lack of depth in the verses.

While it’s understood that Swift is trying to ditch her “good girl” image, the forced mention of “whiskey on the rocks” seems to be slight overkill, especially in comparison to her old songs.

Swift writes, “You’re so gorgeous, I can’t say anything to your face — just look at your face.” What happened to the Taylor Swift who sang about love that made you dance around the kitchen late at night in “the refrigerator light?”  

But shallow relationships seem to be all the rage, so why not jump on the pop-star bandwagon?  

Though her recent singles have been successful, one has to wonder if it’s based only on her solid fan base as opposed to the actual songs.