Coaching solution saves Powder Puff game


Nathan Breisinger and Liam Belan

The Powder Puff game is on.

The status of the annual flag football game, pitting senior girls against junior girls, had been uncertain because of a lack of a coach for the juniors, but now that issue has been resolved.

Last year’s junior coach, substitute teacher Kimmy Heinauer, is no longer with the district. With no new coach stepping forward, a handful of junior football players will make the game calls.

“Both junior and senior teams will be supervised by physical education teacher Chris Crighton, but play calls for the junior team will be made by Dre Howell, Tyler Gurchak, Pary Herrara, and Harry Depetro,” junior class sponsor Kate Deemer said.

Since there was trouble securing a permanent coach for the junior team, Deemer thought that a good alternative plan would be to have students on the sidelines calling plays.

“It is great to have more student involvement and it will be good for the student body,” Deemer said.

Girls wishing to play will be able to attend a meeting next Wednesday. The game will be held on Nov. 16.

Photo via Pinterest under Creative Commons license.