Opinion: Amazon would feel right at home in Pittsburgh

Opinion: Amazon would feel right at home in Pittsburgh

Rebecca Case, Magazine Editor

Amazon is looking for a city for its second headquarters, and Pittsburgh’s near the top of the list of cities being considered.

Some other cities being considered are Austin, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Rochester, but many more also are bidding for a chance to be the company’s second headquarters.

Some of the categories analysts are using in making their rankings are business environment, transportation, human capital, quality of life, economic incentives, credit ratings, tax policies, and geography.

Geography is one of the biggest factors in considering Pittsburgh, as it is far from Amazon’s current headquarters, in Seattle. Pittsburgh would provide an ideal location for Amazon to span from East Coast to West Coast. In addition, Amazon already has an office on the South Side.

Other factors about the city that make it appealing is the fact that Pittsburgh is growing in technological innovation, as seen with the popularity of Uber’s testing of driverless cars here.

Pittsburgh also has an advantage over other cities because of the number of universities in close proximity and the number of potential sites available for building the headquarters.

Many Pittsburgh businesses have vocalized their support in wanting Amazon to come to Pittsburgh. For example, with Amazon seeking incentives, Primanti Bros. has offered a free sandwich to all Amazon employees and a lifetime 15 percent discount.

Why is it a big deal if Pittsburgh wins? If Pittsburgh is chosen as Amazon’s second headquarters, the entire city will be impacted.

Thousands of new jobs will be created. Pittsburgh’s population will grow, which will help counteract Pittsburgh’s declining population in recent years. If Amazon chooses Pittsburgh, it will be economically advantageous in the long run.

However, a concern among people who live in Pittsburgh is that if Amazon moves in, the cost of living will go up. In the end, though, the positives would outweigh the negatives.

Ultimately, if Pittsburgh is chosen to be the location of Amazon’s second headquarters, it will have many beneficial effects on the city. It will allow for more business to come into the city and  it will be desirable for boosting Pittsburgh’s overall popularity.

Although all cities interested need to have their proposals submitted to Amazon by Thursday, the company will not make an official decision until 2018.