Happy Death Day disappoints


Rebecca Case, Features Editor

Anyone looking for a horror or thriller movie for the Halloween season should not go to see Happy Death Day.

The movie focuses on a self-centered college student, Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe), as she relives the same day over and over again, ending with her being murdered by an unknown person in a mask. Throughout the movie she realizes she must figure out who is repeatedly killing her and prevent it from happening in order to break the loop.

A creepy take on the movie Groundhog Day, Happy Death Day is ultimately more confusing than captivating, and suffers from several plots holes.

Aside from cheesy lines all through the movie that have the audience wondering if they should be taken seriously or are supposed to be funny, the movie fails to push aside various clichés, making it horribly predictable.

Another element that takes away from what should be the movie’s tenser scenes is the mask that the murderer wears: a baby’s face. The significance of the mask is that it is the college’s mascot. The fact that the students attending the college are the Bayfield Babies is yet another puzzling aspect of the movie. The scenes with the murderer should be considered unsettling, but in reality they seem out of place and comical.

Overall, Happy Death Day does not satisfy viewers due to ridiculous plot devices and an upsetting ending that creates more questions than it solves.