“Honeymoon,” “Dining Room” to be this year’s musical, play


Mandi Bruni, Design Editor

Baldwin is headed for Vegas.

At a “reveal” meeting Thursday after school, Director Jason Coll announced that the spring musical will be “Honeymoon in Vegas.” The choice continues Coll’s tradition of selecting musicals that have not been frequently performed in the area.

Coll also announced that the fall play will be “The Dining Room.”

In the weeks leading up to the big reveal, Coll had been dropping hints to students, teasing the musical production’s title.

“We were all extremely nervous and we kept guessing what it was going to be from the hints we already knew,” senior Robert Miller said.

The announcement of the titles came after two games were played by Drama Club members. The first game was a version of the $100,000 Pyramid, and the other was a game they created called Kelly Toss.

“It’s interesting to see that Mr. Coll picked such comedic productions and they’re really going to be the type of shows that you need to see in order to get the full effect. I think people are going to get a good laugh out of them,” Miller said.

Senior Tijana Mrkalj agreed.

“He always picks the funniest musicals to do and always makes a Pittsburgh premiere so people can see a new show each year,” Mrkalj said.