Riverdale surprises audiences with season premiere

Riverdale surprises audiences with season premiere

Elizabeth Solenday, Design Editor

The much-anticipated second season of the teen-drama series Riverdale made its return Wednesday night.

Riverdale is based of the Archie comics, but with a darker, enigmatic twist.

The first season followed the murder of the most popular boy in school, with Archie and his friends attempting to solve this strange mystery, while still balancing school and their outside lives.

But when the end of last season involved Archie’s father’s life hanging in the balance, many questions were left unanswered, and the season two premiere did not disappoint.

The episode answered the unanswered questions that season one left open, while still leaving more room for mystery.

The character of Archie in particular has seen the most changes in the series, shifting from an everyone’s favorite, boy-next-door character, to more of a dynamic deep character.

But the surprise murder of a key character from the first season threatens to make Archie’s life more complicated as season two continues.