Online game becomes most successful Epic Games’ history


Johnny Staley, Staff Writer

Most of the time, free games on console come nowhere near the success of expensive $60 games, but that isn’t the case with Fortnite.

Fortnite is an online survival game created by Epic Games for Xbox 1 and PS4, where 100 players attempt to outlive all other opponents. The game has only been out for two weeks, but it has already drawn in 10 million players.

The game is already one of the most successful games in Epic Games’ history, and it deserves to be.

For a free game that has 100 players per game, the servers are very strong with very few problems. It is really easy to play with friends too through the duo or squad mode. The games are very short with a lot of action, so the game never has boring parts that you want to skip.

Some drawbacks to the game is that it only has one map you can play on. Many games end up playing out the same way due to this problem. Also, the game doesn’t have great graphics either.

Overall, the game is really impressive for a free game. It is setting a new standard for all the other developers that make free games on console.