Grey’s Anatomy season premiere sends characters into chaos

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Grey’s Anatomy season premiere sends characters into chaos

Anamarie Martinez, News Editor

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TGIT kicked off on ABC starting with a two-hour premier of Grey’s Anatomy’s 14th season, but it would not be Grey’s Anatomy without unfortunate events plaguing the characters’ lives.

There were many references to people from past seasons, but Teddy Altman was the only character to actually return to the show. She comes back because Owen Hunt’s sister, Megan, was found after being captured and held in Iraq for ten years.

Megan came to Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital with an abdominal wound, and Meredith Grey was the only surgeon willing to perform the risky surgery. But before Megan was captured, she had been in a relationship with Nathan Riggs, who is now dating Meredith.  

Nathan was the first person that Meredith was able to open up to after the death of her husband, Derek Shepherd, in season 11. Meredith has the worst luck with men, but this is not the only love triangle at the hospital.

Teddy and Owen were best friends in the Army before they began working at the hospital, and they always seemed to have feelings for each other, even when Owen was married to his first wife, Christian Yang. Teddy expressed a dislike for Owen’s wife, Amelia Shepherd, who has been acting distant and making rogue decisions, and by the end of the episode Owen kisses Teddy.

The episode ended with the shocking news that Amelia Shepherd has a brain tumor, which is ironic considering she is a brain surgeon, she had a child that passed away from a brain issue, and her brother died from swelling in his brain.

As a character, Amelia has gone through a lot: the death of her brother, the death of her child, and her addiction issues. The reveal of Amelia’s tumor brings to question whether she will tell anyone and how she will react to the news.

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest-running shows on TV. While the most recent seasons seemed to have been dragged on, the season 14 premier proved that it will keep viewers’ interest once again.