Big Brother veteran loses for second time

Anamarie Martinez, News Editor

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Season 19 of Big Brother ended Wednesday night with Josh winning over B.B. veteran Paul.

Josh won the final Head of Household competition of the season, and he chose to take Paul to the “final two” showdown over his “ride or die” alliance partner, Christmas. Josh won over the jury by a vote of 5-4; Cody was the deciding vote.

This was Paul’s second year in a row making it to finale two and losing by only one vote.  

As this was the Season of Temptations, Paul was able to enter the game because Kevin took a $25,000 temptation on the first day.

Throughout the summer Paul played a strategic game: He was able to stay off the block the entire summer until finale night.

Paul claimed his allegiance to all three of the power couples without them knowing about each other. This allowed him to make it to the final two, but it created a bitter jury.

Paul used his alliances to get targets evicted without getting blamed for anything. Paul saved Josh from eviction early in the game, so Josh began working for Paul. Josh’s game strategy was to call people out and make a scene, but his emotions usually got the best of him.

Alex was secretly working with Paul, and she thought they were going to final two together. Paul worked to get out Alex’s partner, Jason, and he did not save Alex when she was on the block.

Alex was a good competitor, so getting her out was a strategic move for Paul, but Alex did not see it that way. She held resentment against him throughout jury.

The jurors compared their situations, and they realized they all got manipulated. Paul played a strong game, but for the second time in a row, he was unable to get enough votes to win.