Elli Ingram’s new release gets personal


Zoe Vongtau, News Editor

Today, soul artist Elli Ingram released her long-awaited, debut album Love You Really on all digital platforms.

Many might remember her name from her viral Youtube cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” in 2013.

Those who stuck around past Ingram’s 15 minutes of fame can rejoice in the release after the artist’s monthly broken promises regarding the album release date.

Her past work, The Sober EP, introduced Ingram to the world as a gem in the genre of sultry female singers.

On the new album, songs like ‘Sleeping Pill’ will have older listeners scratching their heads to remember the artist her voice reminds them of. That artist would be Amy Winehouse, as both Ingram and Whitehouse originate from England.

The influence of her accent on her singing voice is refreshing and unique, setting her apart from similar one-dimensional singers.

This new project exemplifies Ingram’s growth in the past four years, as she incorporates themes of love and reconciliation, as opposed to the recurring message of self-medication in her last EP.

The album lacks in features, but Ingram seems to make up for it in the range of expressive songs. Unlike many albums released in this age, Ingram’s tracklist does not necessarily tell a cohesive story, but songs exist on their own as fairy tales, involving horror and love.

On one of the album’s closing songs, “Rocket,” Ingram belts “flying ‘round Venus to Mars, baby we’re sweeping the stars,” a journey she takes her love and the listener along.

In another dimension, she weaves the influence of ‘90’s hip-hop instrumentals on songs like “Getaway” for the sake of nostalgia and to carry her lengthy riffs and vocal range.

The two songs released as singles, “Better Alone” and “Table for Two,” do not do the record justice for the other tracks showcase her ability to harmonize and effortlessly accompany jazz instruments.

Overall, Ingram has created an album that will make old fans want to singularly claim and boast about, and welcome those unfamiliar to the worlds within her singing voice.