Brand New says goodbye with final album


Jarrod Chermely, Staff Writer

Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey announced at the final show of the band’s 2015 tour that his band wouldn’t last much longer. And now the day has come where the emo powerhouse band has released its fifth and final studio album, Science Fiction

Fans have been waiting anxiously to hear this final album. The only thing worse than a band breaking up is a band that has been formative in so many people’s lives leaving fans unsatisfied. Fortunately Brand New will leave its legacy with one of the best albums in its 18-year history.

Science Fiction is an emotionally draining and relatable record, with songs about Lacey’s mental issues (“Lit Me Up”, “Same Logic/Teeth”,“Can’t Get It Out,” and “Out of Mana”).

Throughout the album, there are little snips of audio from recorded therapy sessions of unknown people. These bits of audio serve as metaphors for Lacey’s mental illnesses, anxieties, and exhaustion.

At the beginning of “Lit Me Up,” a woman is heard in one of these sessions saying “While I don’t mind having all this going on inside of me, it’s sort of – I think I’m going to be relieved when it’s over, when I can sort of settle back down.” This is representative of Lacey in the way that he is thoroughly appreciative of the band, what it’s become, and its fans, but at the same time will be relieved when it all ends.

The album throws back to the band’s old attitudes in “In the Water” where Lacey sings “I can’t make it enough / Can’t fake it enough / I don’t want it enough… Can’t sing it enough / So I’ll find another way.” This is very similar in attitude to some of the band’s old albums The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me, and Daisy.

It’s hard seeing such an influential band say goodbye, but this final spectacular, album definitely makes it a little easier.