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With Christmas just a few days away, it’s time for last-minute shoppers to get shopping.

The 15 School Days of Christmas: Time to tackle last-minute shopping

With Christmas just a few days away, here are some great last-minute gift ideas: 

For Mom:

Moms tend to find themselves feeling stress with their duties while motoring for the family. A gift that is simple yet goes a long way is a neck or back warmer. That way, Mom can sit comfortably as she goes through her day.

For Dad:

Dads like funny yet reasonable gifts. Examples can be coffee mugs with funny sayings, or slippers in the shape of baguettes or tacos. Also good would be something that references a favorite celebrity or TV show, like, a Bob Ross bobblehead or a Michael Scott figurine from The Office

For brother(s):

When handling gifts for siblings, it is important to stick to their gift list if they have one. If brothers don’t have a specific request, a jersey or poster featuring a favorite basketball, football, or hockey player is a great idea.

For sister(s):

For sisters who love music, there is plenty of merchandise available, including posters featuring stars such the Jonas Brothers, Cardi B, or even a throwback like One Direction. Clothing from brands by popular bands or solo artists also would be popular. 

For close friends:

Close friends deserve a personal touch. These could be either sentimental or comedic. Consider making a photo book or a book of inside jokes or quotes. It will take a little more time, but they will appreciate the effort.

For other friends:

Sometimes the most difficult people to shop for are those acquaintances who always exchange gifts, but aren’t the closest of friends. These people make an impact on your life, but they are not close enough for a sentimental gift. One option is to get these people coffee mugs from Starbucks or travel mugs from Dunkin. Everyone is drinking coffee nowadays, and these can be used for other drinks as well.

For grandparents:

Grandparents appreciate value and thought. One idea would be to fill a blank notebook or journal with your favorite memories and moments spent together. Grandparents also might appreciate fancy coffee blends or snacks from places in the Strip District.


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