Students bring Hometown High Q victory

Hometown High Q pic 1
Hometown High Q: Seniors Maura Kay, Nigel Armbruster, and Paige Tompson participate in KDKA’s Hometown High Q.

Hometown High Q pic 2

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Baldwin’s Hometown High Q team pulled out a big win after a slow start last Saturday in the first round of competition.

“That was so exciting. It was like watching a sporting event where the team comes from behind and scores the winning point,” gifted coordinator Brad Schulte said.

The team, consisting of seniors Maura Kay, Paige Thompson, and Nigel Armbruster, beat Canon McMillan and Latrobe Area High School by 50 points. Junior Sami Scherrer was an alternate.

The competition will air on at 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 25, on KDKA.

Baldwin’s second-round competition will be taped in the spring.