Students fired up about library seating


Photo Via Purbalite

The high school’s library continues to change in an effort to promote a more comfortable and diverse learning space.

Prudence Nowicki, Multimedia Editor

The high school’s library continues to change in an effort to promote a more comfortable and diverse learning space.
Recent changes in the library include the remodeling of the corner where magazines and newspapers previously were, which now includes a new fireplace, and the creation of Studio B, the video production room.
Librarian Brigetta Del Re said she loves the changes. The idea for the fireplace got its start when Del Re toured nearby libraries with Superintendent Dr. Randal Lutz.
“They had some sort of special feature, whether it was a fireplace, art, or a coffee shop. Our library had all the same academic features as the other libraries, but it was missing something special, like a fireplace,” Del Re said.
When they saw the fireplace at another library, they thought that would really fit at Baldwin. So Lutz remodeled that corner of the library with the help of Dr. Janeen Peretin, director of information and instructional technology, and Brian Durica, tech integration specialist.
Del Re said students already love the new area and that there are always students sitting there during lunch and study hall periods. She also said that the space is good for education as well as relaxation.
Sophomore Abdullah Makhoul thinks the area is a great addition to the library.
“It’s very comfortable and cozy. The couches are comfy and the fireplace gives a warm feeling — metaphorically,” he said, since the fireplace is decorative and does not actually emit heat.
Sophomore Alyssa Lacko also likes the new area.
“I like it because it’s a really comfortable area and it makes you want to do your work more,” she said.
Del Re said the new area fits in with the vision for the library.
“It adds to the environment that promotes collaborative work and learning. The idea is that they can sit around the fireplace and cooperate on school work or projects,” she said. “The new area adds an opportunity to develop life skills, such as collaboration and discussion, that isn’t forced.”
While Del Re loves the new changes, she said it is still a work in progress.
“There are some holes in the wall that will be plastered and repainted.” Del Re said.
She plans on working with digital photography teacher James Wodarek and his photography students to decorate the area. They are going to hang up photos on the empty wall to make the area less bare and also to showcase artistic abilities of students.
Meanwhile, Studio B also has been added to the backroom in the library, which now allows students to use a green screen and other video production equipment.
The small room was previously used as the tech office, so district administrators thought it would be better put to use as something students can use.
Previously only students in Video Club or who had taken the video production class really got to use this type of equipment. The studio in the library, however, is open to anyone.
Many libraries have made this change to incorporate a more technologically advanced and productive space. Del Re said the library will be included in a county-wide tour that other librarians will attend, so they will see the new improvements in the library.